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Upcoming programs

40 Days 2018 – March 25th, 2018 to May 5th, 2018

During the 40 Days 2018 we will be closely following the 40 Days discipline of Sri Vasudeva. For more information click here.

Retreat with Sri Vasudeva – July 5th, 2018 to July 7th, 2018

In July Sri Vasudeva will be honoring our centre with another visit. He will guide a group of around 40 invited participants into a 3-day retreat on the theme “Merging in the SelfThe ultimate journey of the ego“.  In his words:

“The intention is to gather senior disciples versed in the teachings, deeply involved in the practices and having a strong desire to go deeper. I have chosen a theme befitting such a retreat. Such a group would get the best out of me. So I am very excited about having such a gathering. It is really an intensive for advanced seekers who are seeking enlightenment or freedom in this lifetime and are willing to engage in a daily practice to achieve this end.”

The retreat is already fully booked. Confirmed participants can pay for the retreat by clicking here.

Previous programs

Retreat with Sri Vasudeva – June 19th, 2017 to June 22nd, 2017

Guruji Sri Vasudeva honored us by a visit and He officially opened His Blue Star Ashram in France. We had a beautiful 2-day retreat (20-21) with a small international group.

Meditating in the garden during the June 2017 retreat with Sri Vasudeva

Spiritual walking meditation during the June 2017 retreat with Sri Vasudeva

Group picture of the June 2017 retreat with Sri Vasudeva