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In 1999 when we first met Sri Vasudeva, He inspired us to search for our full potential that is inside all of us.

He is clearly the example that it is possible for all of us to always live connected to the Source of Being. With this connection we have everything we would ever want and more: freedom, love, happiness, peace, wisdom, inner-silence and vitality. Our personal journey was boosted by that meeting and it never stopped.

The idea came to create a center where we could continue and perhaps accelerate our personal growth.

France always had a special attraction. Many years we have been looking and in 2016 we found this beautiful place in the Provence, fully in nature.

We want to share this beautiful place with those that are also searching for inner-silence and peace. In this way we can help each other in our search. We follow the daily Ashram-discipline as taught by our Master Sri Vasudeva and his organization Blue Star.

In June 2017 Vasudeva blessed the center by having a two-day retreat here and we had the official opening of Blue Star France.